JTB Law Group- IVC Complications

Most of the times filter break or fracture migrate to other parts of the body. As a result, number of complications arises which are often dangerous and life threatening. However, it is very important that all the patients implanted with an IVC Filter are well aware of different complications.

The complications are mainly divided into three categories-


Venous Access Site-The main complications include hematoma, infection, inadvertent arterial puncture, and access site bleeding.

Malposition– It means that the new filter should be placed in a correct location and in case if a filter is in an unintended position, repositioning to a proper position is necessary.

Defective Filter Deployment– the complications include deployment of filters with incomplete expansion into the filters.


Migration- Sometimes IVC Filter can travel from their position to another part of the IVC, heart, and even lungs, which can cause myocardial infarction. This generally requires surgery.

Caval thrombosis- The major complications are pulmonary embolism, lower extremity edema, or DVT in the upper legs.

Filter Fracture- The filter struts can fracture and travel to the heart or lungs.

IVC Perforation-It occurs when the strut of the filter pokes through the blood vessel, which causes, ureteral perforation, aortic penetration, and duodenal perforation.

Pulmonary Embolism- The Pulmonary Embolism leads to morbidity and mortality.

Device infection- The bacteria migrate in the blood while IVC Filter insertion.


This includes complications from temporary IVC Filter retrieval. Some other complications and injuries include-

  • angle-right Organ Puncture
  • angle-right Internal Bleeding
  • angle-right Chest Pain
  • angle-right Respiratory Problems
  • angle-right Irremovable Device