JTB Law Group – IVC filter

Blood clotting has emerged as one of the most dangerous medical issues in past few years. Blood clots can form in different veins in body and may travel to lungs resulting into pulmonary embolism (PE). But, many people are unable to take anticoagulants to prevent blood clotting, so they opt for IVC filters.

Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) filter is a small cage shaped metal device that is surgically implanted in patient’s inferior vena cava (largest vein in body). This filter prevents clots from getting in lungs through blood flow and causing pulmonary embolism. It is usually a retrievable device unless there is a complication such as migration, fracture etc.

Here are the risk factors of this device –

  • angle-right It may migrate to other parts of body from where it was surgically placed.
  • angle-right It may rupture a vein causing internal bleeding in body.
  • angle-right It may fracture over time and send broken pieces to other body parts such as lungs, kidneys etc.
  • angle-right It may embed in another vein or organ making it impossible to retrieve this device.
  • angle-right There might be a blood clot inside of the IVC filter that can still travel to lung.

These risk factors can lead to following side effects –

  • angle-right Chest pain
  • angle-right Respiratory issues
  • angle-right Internal bleeding
  • angle-right Pulmonary Embolism
  • angle-rightStroke
  • angle-rightDeath

Every patient with IVC filter implanted in inferior vena cava is at a risk of suffering from above mentioned side effects. If you are a victim of its adverse effects, then you can claim compensation from manufacturer.